ImagePerfect™ 2570 Photoluminescent is a printable luminous film that absorbs UV light and emits a strong after-glow in the dark, once the light source has been removed.

The material can be used for identification markings and symbols, safety signage and emergency signage. Such applications would include the location marking of emergency equipment (including fire extinguishers), barriers and obstacle markings, danger area and exits.

The product is ideal for indoor and outdoor application in many types of building, including educational establishments, retail locations, hotels, sports venues and will be used broadly within the aviation, marine and rail industries.

The IP 2570 offers a high print quality with remarkable text definition and vibrant area in-fills, however is not recommended for latex inks. 


For more information regarding plotter techniques and cleaning recommendations please see below additional information.



Applikation Säkerhet
Inomhus- eller utomhusanvändning Exteriör

Adhesiv & Liner

Adhesivsammansättning Solventbaserad akryl
Adhesivstyrka 15.0 N/25mm
Avtagbarhet Permanent


Brandklass B1


Tjocklek 270.0 µ


Ytterligare info

The IP 2570 can be kiss cut and die cut on plotters, using a 60° tangential blade. Alternatively, a 60° swivel blade can be substituted for simple shapes. Plotter speed should be slowed to 50%. Small shapes may be difficult to weed; the user should determine sizes appropriate to the design of the graphic.



Please make sure the printed IP 2570 is completely dry before further processing. Before the material is applied, the surface should be completely cleaned. The use of the IP Surface Cleaner (MIP1000) and the lint-free, IP Surface Cleaning Cloths (MMS8373) is a good match component cleaning solution to ensure that the surface is dry and free of dust and grease.

Due to the numerous factors associated with the manufacturing and handling of the product and the physical properties of the surface, we would recommend a test to confirm suitability between media, printer/ink and surface before full application takes place.

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