Avery Dennison AFB™ 6650C is a 500 micron clear acrylic foam tape with general purpose acrylic adhesive on both sides. This conformable foamed acrylic adhesive enables bonding  of medium and high energy substrates, including engineered plastic, metal, glass and transparent materials. The clear acrylic foam adhesive provides visual congruity when used  with glass or transparent materials. The Acrylic adhesive offers consistent application performance with high internal strength. It offers long term durability with weather and  environmental resistance, with excellent overall performance when bonding irregular and dissimilar substrates.

The product has high adhesion, excellent shear strength, resists UV light, elevated temperatures and is moisture resistant. AFB™ 6650C is suitable for and used in many various  interior and exterior industrial applications, such as, nameplate, sign & display, illuminated displays, backlit signs and Glass.


  • 500 micron acrylic foam film
  • Clear acrylic adhesive
  • High sheer strength
  • Resistance to plasticizer migration
  • Good moisture and UV resistance
  • 150 ºC maximum temp resistance
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use


Application Type

Interior or Exterior use Interior

Temperature Resistance

Maximal Temperature Resistance 150.0 °C

Application Temperature

Minimum Application temperature 10.0 °C
Maximum Application temperature 50.0 °C

Adhesive & Liner

Adhesive Solvent -based Acrylic
Adhesive Composition Water-based acrylic
Adhesive colour Clear
Adhesive Strength 70.0 N/25mm
Adhesive Type Pressure Activated
Removability Permanent
Material used as liner Red Polyethylene

Surface Type

Surface Type Flat surfaces
Smooth and untextured surface
Rough surface
Corrugated surfaces

Product Storage

Shelf Life 12 months


Thickness 500.0 µ
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Avery AFB Acrylic Foam Tape 6650C is available in the following variations (3)






Avery AFB 6650C 19mm x 33m





Avery AFB 6650C 25mm x 33m





Avery AFB 6650C 12mm x 33m




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