ImagePerfect™ 2534PA ETU

White Semi-Matt Polymeric Vinyl, Perfect Apply, Easy To Use Film, B1 Fire Rating

ImagePerfectTM 2534PA ETU is a white, semi-matt, polymeric vinyl with a clear, removable adhesive system and a B1 fire-rating.   It has been specifically designed for digital printing on large-format inkjets (and as such is suitable for printing with eco solvent and solvent inks as well as latex and UV-cured inks) and for conversion on the Gerber Edge.

It has a very high level of printability and many exciting properties that allow it to be used for easy, clean and fast application by non-professional end-users with limited or, indeed, no application experience.

The 150micron film affords the product 'body' and it is, therefore, very easy to handle in terms of initial application, repositionability and also the ultimate removal of the product.  The thickness of the film also allows for a smooth finish on flat substrates and increased opacity.   The adhesive system has been especially developed to allow for extremely high levels of repositionability to facilitate the product's application.   These elements are further enhanced via the incorporation of SPX's PerfectApply technology, allowing for not just increased levels of repositionability but also for bubble-free application and, ultimately, more professional, more satisfying and more cost-effective results.

The special adhesive system also allows for extremely high levels of removability.  Indeed, depending on the specifics of the application and the substrate, if removed within 3 years of application, IP 2534PA should allow for a clean peel from the substrate with no adhesive residue. These adhesive characteristics have been precisely engineered to allow the product to work perfectly on smooth, flat and glossy surfaces, such as painted aluminum sheets, glass (including mirrors), stainless steel, anodized aluminium, acrylics (including signboxes), ceramic tiles (e.g. bathrooms) and white boards and it can also be applied to existing vinyl prints/signage (e.g. for removable/changeable information, messages and decoration on vinyl graphics and digital prints).

As such, IP 2534PA lends itself perfectly to a wide range of application possibilites, including point-of-sale advertising, large format promotions in shopping malls, removable backdrops in exhibition environments, trade shows and showrooms.  Please see 'additional information' regarding substrate suitability*

Additionally, the semi-matt surface eliminates reflection from both interior spot lighting and also from exterior sun light and, as such, it is a useful stock item for event graphics, indoor and outdoor advertising and vehicle decoration.  

It is an easy-to-use product with extremely high levels of repositionability and removability and physical properties that allow for customer-friendly application.


Fire Rating

Fire Rating B1

Application Type

Application Decoration
Point of Sale
Interior or Exterior use Interior

Adhesive & Liner

Adhesive Solvent acrylic removable, repositionable with air egress
Adhesive Composition Water-based acrylic
Solvent-based acrylic
Adhesive colour Clear
Adhesive Strength 7 N/25mm
Adhesive Type ETU technology
Adhesive Technology ImagePerfect Perfect Apply
Removability Removable
Material used as liner PE-coated silicone paper, 140g/m²
Liner Colour White

Temperature Resistance

Minimal Temperature Resistance -5 °C
Maximal Temperature Resistance 70 °C

Application Specifications

Curve Format Flat surfaces


Thickness 150 µ

Material Ink Compatibility

Ink Type Eco-Solvent
Mild Solvent

Product Storage

Shelf Life 2 years, 20°C / 50% humidity


Durability (range) Up to 7 years

Surface Type

Surface Type Flat surfaces
Slightly curved surface

Product Type

Product Type Calendered Polymeric

Document downloads

Additional info

Lamination recommendation: IP 2534PA is compatible with the range of IP laminate options for added durability and/or surface protection, including IP 2810-100, IP 2810-101, IP 2810-200, IP 2830-101, IP 2830-102 and IP 2830-200.

*Due to the special nature of the product and the variables in terms of substrate options, the end-user is advised to test the product before final application to determine that it is suitable for purpose.

Also, please be aware that it is not recommended for application to Foamex or other structured and/or matt surfaces and, because of the low-energy nature of UV output generally, the use of IP 2534PA is not recommended on UV prints.

Additionally, in order to ensure that the product lends itself properly to repositionability and removability, the substrate should be thoroughly cleaned prior to application as any dirt, debris, oil or grease could impact the adhesive performance.

For dry application only.

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  White - Satin (semi gloss)


  • Durability 7.0 year(s)
  • Length 25.0 metre
  • Product number IP2534PA25
  • Roll Length 25.0 metre
  • Surface Finish Satin (semi gloss)
  • Transparency Opaque
  • Width 137.2 cm

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  White - Satin (semi gloss)

IP2534PA ETU white semi-matt 137,2cmx50m

  • Durability 7.0 year(s)
  • Length 50.0 metre
  • Product number IP2534PA50
  • Roll Length 50.0 metre
  • Surface Finish Satin (semi gloss)
  • Transparency Opaque
  • Width 137.2 cm

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