3M™ Safety Series S40

Shatter protective sun-control film

3M™ Safety Film S40 is designed for use on the interior surface of windows. It is composed of a transparent and weather stable polyester film, feauring a scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive.

The film's high tensile strength and elongation at break increases resistance of the glazing system to impact and pressure. The film also significantly reduces the transmission of UVA and UVB rays which are the main cause of fading.

3M™ Safety Films provide an effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by the fragments of broken glass. In the case of glass breakage the fragments are held together by the strong acrylic adhesive.

3M™ Safety Film S40 has been tested and approved according to EN 12600 (Pendulum test). It is classed as 2B2 on 6 mm float glass and 3B3 on 3 mm float glass.  

  • Increases protection from flying or broken glass.
  • Deters smash and grab burglaries.
  • Reduces fading from UV light.
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics.
  • Has an abrasion resistant surface to maintain a good appearance for longer. 


Application Type

Application Safety
Building films
Interior or Exterior use Interior

Temperature Resistance

Minimal Temperature Resistance -40.0 °C
Maximal Temperature Resistance 70.0 °C

Application Temperature

Minimum Application temperature 4.0 °C
Maximum Application temperature 45.0 °C

Application Specifications

Curve Format Flat surfaces
Slightly curved surface

Product Type

Product Type Polyester

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength 55 N/25mm min at 23°C

Adhesive & Liner

Adhesive Clear, acrylic adhesive
Adhesive colour Clear
Removability Permanent
Material used as liner Synthetic
Liner Colour Clear

Product Storage

Shelf Life The shelf life of the film is 2 years and should be applied within 2 years of the receipt of film if unprocessed. Processed film should be applied within 1 year of processing and within 2 years of receipt of the film.
Storage & Transport conditions Film, sheeting and markings must be stored in a clean area, free from excessive moisture and direct sunlight, with ambient temperatures below 38°C.


Thickness 100.0 µ


Durability (range) 10 years

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  Transparent - Gloss


  • Length 45.0 metre
  • Product number YSH4CLARL
  • Roll Length 45.72 metre
  • Surface Finish Gloss
  • Transparency Transparent
  • Width 152.0 cm




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