3M™ Scotchtint™ 3 OPL

Blind Film

3M™ Privacy Film 3 OPL is designed for usage on the inside surface of windows. This film is a non-transparent film with great light transmission.

This is an effective way to protect rooms from observation.  Additionally, the film significantly reduces the amount of UVA rays which are the main reason of discolouration. 3M™ Privacy Film is primarily designed to be used as protection from looks and for protective marking on the surface of glass. This means that both complete application and partial application are possible.

3M™ Privacy Films provide an effective protection from injuries or damage to items caused by the fragments of broken glass. In case of glass breakage the fragments are hold due to the system of the adhesive.

3M™ Privacy Film 3 OPL meets the requirements of EN 12600 (pendulum test). Class 2B2 was reached on the glass of 4mm. 

  • Privacy and decorative applications.
  • Architectural applications.
  • Heat reduction.
  • Reduces UV Rays.
  • Reduces glare and discomfort.
  • Helps preserve the appearance of furniture and fabrics.
  • Easy to remove without adhesive residues.

 3M OPL Privacy Film is protected with a protective paper cover, be sure to read the application and cleaning instructions before use.


Application Type

Application Safety
Building films
Interior or Exterior use Interior

Application Specifications

Curve Format Flat surfaces

Adhesive & Liner

Adhesive Special acrylate with liner
Adhesive colour Clear
Material used as liner Polyester


Thickness 50.0 µ

Additional info


3M Privacy films are installed using water and a soap solution. Full adhesion is reached after approximately 14 days at 18°C (in dry conditions).
3M Privacy films may be cleaned 14 days after installation using ordinary window cleaning agents and avoiding the use of abrasive particles. Do not use rough sponges, cloths or brushes. Synthetic sponges, soft wipes or rubber squeegee cleaners are recommended. Do not clean 3M films dry
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  Opal - Matt

3M Scotchtint Privacy Film 152cmx30.48m

  • Colour Effect Frost
  • Length 30.48 metre
  • Product number Y3OPL
  • Roll Length 30.48 metre
  • Surface Finish Matt
  • Texture Crystal
  • Transparency Translucent
  • Width 152.4 cm




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