ImagePerfect™ Vinyl & Banner Cleaner

Surface preparation & cleaning accessories

ImagePerfect™ Magic Clean is an advanced, powerful cleaning product that completely and safely removes dust and dirt from many surfaces including soft vinyl, thereby restoring the original lustre of the surface.

IP Magic Clean is an instant cleaning solution that utilises the strongest cleaning formula available to allow for the effective removal of built up dirt.

It affords ease of use and accuracy and, as it does not contain any harsh chemicals or phosphates and is completely solvent-free, it will not damage or discolour the surface of either the vinyl itself or of any solvent, eco-solvent or UV prints on the vinyl, thereby affording complete peace of mind.

It is suitable for use in many types of cleaning applications, as car wraps, banners, tarpaulins, glass, polystyrene and acrylics sheets.


Application Type

Application Signmaking
Car wrap
Surface Cleaning & Preparation
Interior or Exterior use Exterior

Safety Indications

Toxicity Non toxic
Warning Non Hazardous

Product Storage

Shelf Life 1 year, 20°C / 50% humidity

Additional info

Directions for use:

IP Magic Clean should be sprayed onto the surface and will immediately dissolve any dirt and grime present. The surface should be wiped with a cloth and then rinsed with clean water before being allowed to dry.

IP Magic Clean can be used in it's concentrated form or as a solution diluted with water.  It can also be used in a high-pressure washing system, which makes it a particularly attractive option for use when cleaning any type of vehicles, car wraps, tarpaulins and car and marine tops and covers.

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IP Magic Clean 5 l

  • Content 5000.0 ml
  • Packing Unit 5 ltr bottle




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IP Magic Clean 1 L + Sprayer

  • Content 1000.0 ml
  • Packing Unit Spray bottle




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