Gerber Omega 6.5 Signmaking Software

Omega 6.5 builds on Omega 6.0 features to offer even better design tools, easier and faster output, more PLT informational and presentational tools, and much more.

Major Features include:

  • Groups of groups or nested groups
  • PLT file costing of Gerber vinyls and GerberColor Foils, and automatic text character counting using the PLT Extract tool
  • New PDF export filter with support for clipping paths and named colours
  • Constraints for detail editing and line digitizing with the ALT key
  • Copy and paste or merge data from PLT Extract results into PLT files for customer presentations or job tracking
  • Easier back-cut decals
  • And much more!


*For more information, please see additional info below.


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Additional info

Gerber OMEGA 6.5 Takes Your Graphics to the Next Level

Gerber OMEGA design and output software is a complete suite of layout, design, output, and conversion tools created specifically for use in the sign and other specialty graphic industries. OMEGA design and output tools are fine-tuned to accommodate vinyl cutting, printing, and routing on sign-industry production devices, such as Gerber vinyl cutters, the GERBER EDGE® family of thermal transfer printers, and Gerber routers. OMEGA is intuitive, versatile, and easy to use.

The Gerber OMEGA 6.5 delivers a new level of excellence and performance for sign and specialty graphic professionals. It builds on its solid set of tools and functions, while offering exciting new features, improvements, and efficiencies. These enhancements enable beginners to hit the ground running, while providing seasoned experts the ability to create even more sophisticated, technical, and advanced layouts with greater ease – and in less time.


New Features Found in OMEGA 6.5 Design and Output Software:

Groups of groups

Groups of groups, or nested groups, offer smarter, easier job selection and organization. For example, create lines of text as individual groups, and then create a larger group of all the lines of text.

Viewing control within Composer dialog boxes

Use the mouse wheel and keyboard shortcuts to zoom, pan, show filled, and show wireframe while in Composer dialog boxes. This makes the “Apply” feature more powerful than ever, with the ability to see specific results while applying effects.

New outline and shadow features

The Outline function now has “Outside Contour Only,” and Shadow now includes a “Hide Original” feature. Get the needed results with fewer steps.

Easier backcut decals

Create die-cut and crack-and-peel labels faster and easier than ever! Create named settings for backcut decals for different materials, and apply the settings by simply choosing the setting name.

Merge PLT information with graphics to create presentations

Automatically populate material costs, file size, design time, vinyl and foil colours, and more from the PLT Extract program into the original PLT fi le. Use the information and graphics for customer and other presentations.

Create cost estimates of Gerber vinyls and GerberColor™ foils

The PLT Extract program now shows Gerber vinyl and GerberColor foil costs in extracted results.

Improved file import and export

A new Gerber PDF export filter supports named spot colours and “CutContours”. New import filters better translate CMYK colours into Composer.

Improved ALT key constraints

Now you have even more design control with the ALT key. Limit graphical movement for detail edit and line digitize functions. Plus you can choose to enable or disable ALT key constraints for specific graphical operations and choose the constraint degree values.


OMEGA 6.5 is available in all shapes and sizes to suit your business needs

  • OMEGA™ CP (Cut/Print) Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, plus has color assignment and output capabilities for all GERBER EDGE® series and GERBER MAXX™ 2 thermal transfer printers. Includes ARTPath software.
  • OMEGA™ CS (Cut Solution)
    Includes all the tools you need to create and output cut vinyl and router jobs, however it cannot output to thermal transfer printers.
  • OMEGA™ Layout Station
    Allows for complete design activities without any output. Show customers concepts in the front office. Design on a laptop away from the shop. Add design stations and save files to a network folder for output.
  • OMEGA™ Plot Station
    Includes all the output capabilities of OMEGA CP with no design capabilities. 
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