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ONYX 18 introduces new colour technologies for colour accuracy, consistency and conformance to standards such as G7 and Fogra that print service providers can prove to their customers; and is the first solution compatible with iccMAX, the new standard recommended by the ICC for all wide- and grand-format print applications including textile and soft signage.

The new release brings next level power and reliability to the entire portfolio of ONYX products with the latest Adobe® PDF Print Engine (APPE 4.8), a high speed, high fidelity print platform for increased consistency and reliability across proofing cycles. Combined with new dynamic tools for print production and optimized out-of-the-box pre-sets, ONYX 18 delivers fast, superior output for all wide-format printing applications.



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ONYX® also provides other essential tools to help your business requirements:

ONYX® Advantage™ 18

ONYX® Advantage™ 18 is much more than a cost effective way to keep your RIP and print workflow software current. It provides an easy way to get all the latest features as ONYX® continue to innovate and update their products. You gain immediate access to ONYX® software upgrades, versions and releases as well as the hundreds of new and existing drivers for printers, cutters and colour devices. Users will also have access to an expansive library of on-demand videos covering product training and application support.


ONYX® Hub software is a business intelligence tool with a browser-based dashboard that provides easy-to-understand, smart data across your entire site, enabling you to make better business decisions. The software provides up-to-the-minute and historic ink and media waste reporting, enabling the user to better understand their costs, find inefficiencies and maximise profitability. 

ONYX® SiteSolutions

ONYX® SiteSolutions is a unique approach to giving business owners accurate information about their jobs, costs and productivity across their site. The software combines print production, workflow connectors and smart data to provide the information that will help businesses increase their production and revenue, lower their costs and increase shop efficiency.

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