GerberColor™ FX Special Effect Foil Refills

Up to 4-year outdoor life GerberColor Foils

Learn more about GerberColor™ FX Special Effect Foil Refills

GerberColorTM FX Special Effect Series Foils Refills include high opacity black and white foils for solid coverage applications and  white and grey tint foils for special print effects and accents.

They are durable, dimensionally stable, resin-based foils designed for use with the GERBER EDGE FXTM.

The Jet Black foil has an extra-heavy pigment construction intended for use in the production of interior or exterior graphics, point-of-purchase displays, film positives, or any graphics requiring high density black outs. The gloss level of the Jet Black foil may appear diminished when compared to standard GerberColorTM spot foils due to the extra pigmentation.

Flood Coat White foils feature an extra-heavy pigment construction that allows a highly opaque white foil to be applied in a single pass. As its name suggests, this foil has been designed primarily for flood coating reverse-printed graphics on clear films such as LexEdgeTM.


Application Type

Interior or Exterior use Interior

Product Storage

Shelf Life 1 year (4°C - 32°C / 40% - 60% relative humidity)

Additional info

Recommended working environment is as follows:

- Operating temperature: 10°C to 35°C

Recommended temperature for assured printing accuracy: 20°C to 26°C

- Operating humidity: 20% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing (maximum range, actual range varies by material used)

Shelf life of GerberColor Foils is one year. GerberColor Foils, film, and printed graphics (with or without premask) should be kept in a clean area free from excessive moisture and direct sunlight. Store foils at 4°C to 32°C and 40% to 60% humidity. When not in use, cartridges should be kept in their package sleeves.

Discounted prices can be obtained by assorting any foil colour or type and/or any full roll of vinyl.

As of the release of this bulletin, Flood Coat White is compatible with all EDGE READY materials except EDGE Positive , Heat Transfer Paper, and GerberVision .

Lot to lot variations can produce slight visual differences in color output.

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