GerberColor™ Medal Foils

Interior GerberColor Foils With A Metallised Finish

Learn more about GerberColor™ Medal Foils

GerberColorTM Medal Series Foils will produce a dynamic and elegant, metallized, chrome finish for signs, labels, decals, and many other applications.

They are for interior use or short-term exterior (2-week) stationary, non-vehicle vertical sign applications.

GerberColorTM Medal foils are designed for first-surface, solid (100% fill) print applications only*. The foil is not reversible.

GerberColorTM Medal Foils are compatible with most EDGE READY materials, except Heat Transfer Paper, Gerber Static Cling, all LexEdgeTM materials, as well as GerberVisionTM and Gerber InstaChangeTM.

The foils feature the GerberGaugeTM foil measuring system.


Application Type

Interior or Exterior use Interior

Product Storage

Shelf Life 1 year
Storage & Transport conditions Store foils at 4°C to 32°C and 40% to 60% humidity.

Additional info

Recommended working environment is as follows:

- Operating temperature: 10°C to 35°C

Recommended temperature for assured printing accuracy: 20°C to 26°C

- Operating humidity: 20% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing (maximum range, actual range varies by material used)

Shelf life of GerberColorTM Foils is one year. GerberColorTM Foils, film, and printed graphics (with or without premask) should be kept in a clean area free from excessive moisture and direct sunlight. Store foils at 4 C to 32 C and 40% to 60% humidity. When not in use, cartridges should be kept in their package sleeves. Use a paper interleaf between printed materials that are rolled or stacked. Do not store printed graphics face to face.

Discounted prices can be obtained by assorting any foil colour or type and/or any full roll of vinyl.

 GerberColorTM Medal (GCM) Series Foils are compatible as an overprint (top layer only) foil with the following GerberColorTM Series: GerberColorTM Spot (GCS), GerberColorTM Process Pro CMYK (GCP), and GerberColorTM Transparent (GCT). GCM Foils should not be used as an underlayer in an overprint construction. The exception is GCM-721 Silver Medal II, which can be overprinted with Transparent Foils.

There may be some excess transfer of the foil during printing due to the high pigment load of GCM Series Foils. The excess can be removed with application tape.

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