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Ordering from Spandex couldn’t be easier.

Finding what you want

Find any product you want by using the search box and filters or simply browse through the different product categories. Select the product to view the full product details including a list of the available product variations and pricing.

Make the most of your on-line account with our ‘How to’ videos

Calculate your product price

In order to calculate prices or place an order online you will need to log in (or sign up for an online account) using the green button in the top right corner of your screen.

Calculate a price:

  1. select the applicable sales unit from the list
  2. enter the quantity you want to buy
  3. press the enter button or use the enter key on your keyboard
  4. your personal item price will be calculated in real time

The minimum order for most products is just one metre, so you can order exactly what you need - no more, no less.
However decimal quantities are not accepted. E.g. you can order 1 metre or 2 metre but not 1.5 metre.

Add an item to your shopping basket

After you have calculated your price, simply press the Add to Basket button to add the item you want to buy. At that point you will see that the shopping basket icon in the top right hand area of the screen is updated and indicates the number of items you have added.

You can continue to browse or search for other products and add them to your basket by pressing the appropriate Add to Basket button.

View your shopping basket

At any time you can view your basket by clicking on the shopping basket.

On the Shopping Basket screen you can adjust the quantity of any product in the basket or delete products. After adjusting the quantity please press the Update button to see the results of the change you have made.

Placing your order

You complete your order by following the four step checkout process.

Before starting the checkout you can review your order in the shopping basket and adjust the quantity as well as remove any product from your basket. If you amend your order please be sure to press the Update button before proceeding.

Step 1 - Addresses

You will need to select both your Invoice (or billing) address and your Delivery (or shipping) address.

For each address you can choose to either reuse a previously stored address that is listed on the page or enter a new address. Depending on your order, you might be presented with a third option which is to pick up your goods from the Spandex office.

Press the Use button to apply the address you have chosen. The address information will then be displayed on the screen and as soon as you have selected both addresses you can proceed to the next step.

Note: Spandex credit account holders cannot add a new invoice address online. Please contact our customer support team should you wish to add a different invoice address.

Step 2 - Delivery Options

You will need to select one of the listed delivery options.

Please refer to the our Delivery and Returns Policy for more information.

The applicable delivery charges will be added in step 4 of the checkout process so you can review them before submitting and confirming the order.

Note: Orders for delivery outside the UK cannot be placed online since they may be subject to additional charges in the destination country (customs brokerage fees, import duties, taxes, etc.) which are beyond our control. Please contact our customer support team for information.

Step 3 - Payment Options

Spandex will accept payment by credit cards.

If you are a Spandex credit account holder your payment options may include payment by invoice following the applicable payment terms.

If you choose to pay by card, you can proceed with payment at the point of submitting and confirming your order in step 4. You will then be redirected to a secure environment where you can safely enter your card details.

Please read our Standard Terms and Conditions for more information on our terms of payment.

Step 4 - Review

At this stage you are almost finished.
A summary of your order details, address information, delivery and payment method is displayed.
If necessary you can still adjust your order by returning to an earlier step (using one of the links in the steps on the screen).

If all information is correct, you should press the Place Order button.

If you choose to pay by card, you will then be redirected to a secure environment where you can safely enter your card details and afterwards return to the Spandex website.

If you see the confirmation screen you have completed your order. You will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided.


Spandex Ltd offers next day delivery on orders received within standard Spandex operating hours. We stock the biggest range of products, in the greatest range of widths, for delivery to you the next day. Occasionally, should we get it wrong we will get in touch with you and ensure we resolve the situation as quickly as possible.

Please refer to the our Delivery and Returns Policy for more information.

Cancellation or Return

Once you have submitted your order it may normally not be cancelled except in accordance with the our returns policy as explained here.


Please find full written details of the Terms and Conditions of Sale for Spandex Ltd. on our website at

We always value your feedback, so please let us know how we're doing or how we can improve:

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Near Roll Completion

You request a quantity which is near to 1 or more complete rolls. Do you wish to order full rolls (quantity: ) or keep the requested quantity?

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